I'm not the average luthier: based on your music, technique, style and posture, we will build your next guitar that will bring you to the next level! How? Click the button down below to find it out!


Compared to all the other luthiers, you will not be left to the mercy of indecision on the choice of woods, hardware and electronics. In fact, your instrument will take shape after having thoroughly studied your needs, your music, your technique and your posture.
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Italian Handcrafted Guitars & Basses for METAL ARTISTS and DJENTLEMEN.

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A blend of Tradition and Modernity

I apply the criteria of the Italian Luthiery tradition to modern production processes.

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I build your guitar which suits you, just like a tailor would.

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Extreme care in the choice of materials (also not usual like: marble, gold leaf, copper, brass, silver, etc.) for inlays, purfling and small details.

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You can choose the modern shapes that I have already designed or you can ask me something new.

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Hi! I’m Mirko from MRK Guitars! I started my career as a luthier in 2014, attending some of the best private courses in Guitar building and then being admitted in "Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano" in 2015.

After 4 years I received the diploma of Master Luthier. Playing the guitar since I was 11 years old and having been on a world tour with a Death Metal band for years, I know for sure what the metal musician needs.

So, thanks to my experience as a musician and Master Luthier, I decided to create 100% customized guitars tailored to the musicians. This is to ensure a perfect feeling and playability! 



From September 2025



From March 2026

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My favourite Reviews!

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Last Saturday ended a journey that lasted more than a year, during which I had the privilege of realizing a dream, to see the realization of an instrument that I could conceive from the very first phases of the draft to the last detail. A thank you to Nicolò is a must, for having created the prerequisites for this to happen and for having shared with me this path, as well as for having copied the top. The biggest thanks goes obviously to Mirko, who turned out to be not only a top-notch professional, but also an exquisite person, more exalted than me in trying to put ideas into practice in my head, annoyingly willing to support me in the slightest choice to face. Sharing this path with him was perhaps a greater pleasure than receiving the finished instrument. Ah, needless to say, the guitar exceeds my already non-trivial expectations.

Marco Tattoli
Guitarist - Void Prophet
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So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this top wood listed for sale, fell in love with it and thought it would look perfect with a forest theme. The seller was a private luthier from Italy, Mirko Costa, and, after looking through his work, was greatly impressed and asked if he’d want to undertake this project. I gave him a picture and told him I wanted some crazy specs: 7 strings, multiscale, trem, piezo and an insane tree inlay. He seemed excited by the challenge and accepted the task. Well, it took awhile, but it was well worth the wait. Thank you Mirko for making the guitar of my dreams!

Mark Bondurant
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It has been a productive, creative and effective collaboration that led to the creation of a guitar we are both EXTREMELY proud of!

Alessandro Carminati
Guitarist - Despite Exile
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I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the product and the tireless availability of the manufacturer. He responded to all my needs / doubts in real time with gentle and reassuring manners. I felt 200% involved in the realization of my personal tool. At the end of the manufacturing process, the result is amazing.

Huber Artioli
Guitarist - Keep the Promise
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I cannot thank Mirko Costa enough for his fine craftsmanship; he is an exceptional luthier and only after jamming for a little bit I can say it's hands-down THE highest quality guitar I have ever played, and I am thrilled to be the owner!

Joshua Thomas Williams
Guitarist - Silura

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